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Wait….I’m Stealing? Copyright laws and creativity!

Have you ever tried posting a video to YouTube or Facebook to only have it taken down because of “Copyright Infringement?” It happens all the time. A simple video that
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When do I post on Social Media? The Social Media Rush Hour!

Rush hour might bring some unpleasant memories into your mind. It’s safe to say most people don’t have a good association with the term. I’m here to show you the
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how to brand your company

Five Easy Steps to Building Your Brand

1: Who are you? What are you? Before you can build a brand, you need to start by figuring out who you are. If you already know your USP, you’re
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Create Animation

Drive traffic to your business using Animation

The animation industry is probably one of the fastest and most successful commercial enterprises on the planet. With the increase in inbound marketing and expanding inbound marketing, the animation business
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Internet Video

4 reasons how an internet video can help capture new business

The remunerative resource of internet video 1. Online videos, funded by advertising, have a bright future. Many have observed the downward trend of the traditional advertising methodology. Internet advertising, for
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User engage for Website Design

What your website may not be doing to engage your users

There are numerous facets to the design and development of a website. From the gathering of initial information, to the creation of your website, the selection of a web hosting
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