When do I post on Social Media? The Social Media Rush Hour!

Rush hour might bring some unpleasant memories into your mind. It’s safe to say most people don’t have a good association with the term. I’m here to show you the term “rush hour” does have a beneficial side. In fact, if you learn to utilize it you can help your page explode with activity. Have you ever noticed some posts get more attention than others? Seemingly for no reason? This is most likely due to the social media rush hour.

What is the social media rush hour? It’s rather self-explanatory. The social media rush hour is the window of time where the most people are going through their feeds. The goal is the be one the most recent posts within your followers feeds during the rush hour.

It’s also important to make sure that all your social media accounts have enough followers to make this rush hour worthwhile. If you are struggling to get followers to your social media, then you might want to consider using something similar to this managed instagram system.

Most of the information presented below is specifically targeted to a USA audience. 80% of the USA population resides in eastern and central standard time zones. With that in mind, it is rather simple to figure out the best window of time to reach your audience.

Each social media app also has its own rush hour. According to the Forbes (Link Below) website, here are the best times to post to each platform:

  • Facebook: 1pm-3pm. Particularly on Fridays and Thursdays.
  • Twitter: The sweet spot is at 5pm. Anytime between 3pm and 8pm is also good
  • YouTube: The worst time to post a new video is 5pm-6pm. Post your video between noon-3pm to catch the later traffic. Activity rises starting Thursday evening through the weekend.
  • Pinterest: The best time to create a pin is from 2pm-4pm in the afternoon. The worst time is from 5pm-7pm.
  • Instagram: (According to entrepreneur.com) The best time to post is 7pm. Specifically on Fridays. If you want to find out how to gain free instagram followers this could a good time to do so.
  • Keep In Mind: Your posts are going to be more successful on the weekends as opposed to the weekdays.

Each demographic is different. These times suggest a general overview of what is best for you and your social media page. This isn’t an all size fits all guide. The smartest thing to do is experiment! Take these guidelines and test them out. Monitor the response you get. Facebook and Instagram collect all the data from your post interaction for you to look at. (NOTE: Facebook only collects interaction data for pages, not profiles. Instagram will only collect data for business accounts. See link below on how to change your Instagram to a business profile.)

Your page might respond excellently to these times! You might also find that maybe your rush hour is at its prime an hour earlier than the suggested time. Experiment and see what you find! Some people even use services that help to link their followers from one of their accounts to another. This could help get more people looking at your social medias and potentially increasing your likes. By placing a link in bio, you’re inviting your followers to view all of your other social media platforms. This might be the answer to your problems, but who knows? Social Media is its own science just waiting to be fully understood!