Explain your business in under 2mins
Many salesmen know the art of the “elevator pitch.” This is a condensed argument in which you present yourself in a short time. Originally, the “elevator pitch” was very fast conversation that allows you to present effectively to a prospect or contact in the time span of an elevator ride.

In communication, it is an exercise that allows you to effectively present what you offer and why you are better than your competitors with a 120 word maximum (From 30 seconds to 2 minutes). Objective? The greatest amount of communication in the shortest time!

Many companies use this very effective and fast communication technique successfully with their customers. Indeed, their very limited time forces them to focus on who they are, their “core business”, central selling proposition, their strengths and what they actually wish to communicate.

A good “elevator pitch” contains all the information without too much wording. You want to answer the following questions:

•What do you want prospects to know?
•What do you want prospects to feel?
•What do you want prospects to do?

This exercise, demonstrates very quickly that any entrepreneur will quickly lose a potential prospect by getting into the weeds of details or unnecessary information. The structure of the “pitch” must be very precise to be effective.

To present your activities, “the elevator pitch” will introduce the best of what you offer when compared to your competition in your business environment or at a public presentation. “Flash” must be balanced with substance in order to achieve impact.

Today, for reasons of efficiency, many companies require technical pitch for their managers and employees to present a project or offer. This allows them to clarify many things. If you also want to test this new approach, you should research professional coaches and view successful companies’ pitch videos online.

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