Five Easy Steps to Building Your Brand

how to brand your company

1: Who are you? What are you?

Before you can build a brand, you need to start by figuring out who you are. If you already know your USP, you’re part way there. If not, work through these six short exercises. They will help you describe your business, visualize it and define its personality.

Day 2: What do you look like?

Now you know a little more about who you are, it’s time to starting thinking about what your brand looks like. You’ll want your answers from Day 1 at hand for this part. Next we will work though putting together a brand guide. This will include your brand’s colors, images, fonts and personality.Read more >>

Day 3: Create or update your logo

Your logo is the real-life embodiment of your brand. In order to be effective, it should be consistent with your business’s core values. As you think through what you want yours to look like, keep in mind that simple, practical and unique are best. We’ll walk you through how to create one, or have one created for you. Read more >>

Day 4: Create/update marketing materials

Depending on your business and on the markets you serve, your marketing materials will differ. However, there are a number of key materials you’ll want to ensure you have at hand. This includes a website and relevant social platforms. A website is easy to maintain and you learn how to schedule Instagram posts so that they automatically upload rather than having to upload them manually. You will also need signs for your store (if you have one), branded invoices and stationery, flyers or brochures, as well as t-shirts and uniforms if your employees require them. Read more >>

Day 5: Prepare for liftoff

Now you’ve got your brand, you’re almost ready to move into the marketing phase. However, before you can do that, you’ll want to do a few things, including checking in with your friends to find out whether your brand resonates; compiling your contacts before you make the big announcement; getting setup with Google analytics as well as various social media platforms, and setting some goals. Read more >>

If you’d prefer to build a brand all in one go, just keep scrolling!

Drive traffic to your business using Animation

Create Animation
The animation industry is probably one of the fastest and most successful commercial enterprises on the planet. With the increase in inbound marketing and expanding inbound marketing, the animation business has also grown rapidly. An ever-increasing number of animation courses have been presented in the business sector and foundations are also moving around every town and village in the world. This has given rise to the increased popularity of explainer videos in the form of motion graphic videos as a strong customer encatchment strategy, and a way to bring awareness to your business and brand.
In the past few years, the animation industry has made outstanding progress. Today, short movies are made with the latest innovations and technology. A small group of artists, dedicated to the production of films, can take care of a larger group of businesses.
1. Animation isn’t just for your Saturday morning cartoons or movies anymore!
Today, the animation industry is not just limited to films but also in the different areas as television, newspapers, magazines, promotional organizations, websites, companies and so on. The artform has grown beyond its purely entertainment function. Now, the advertising industry uses 3D modeling as a popular tool among the flourishing market. Consequently, animators with knowledge of high 3D rendering can secure a guaranteed profession in this medium.
2. Trends that have been adopted by the experts in explainer videos of corporate websites.

Strong colors: Nobody wants a site that is unattractive and dull. Accordingly. this makes powerful use of colors is essential. Striking and brilliant hues are favored in because they make the content clearer and more comprehensible without effort. Growing entertainment websites use them in abundance.

Versatile for all devices: Any type of site or animation must be versatile for all devices to have widespread impact, regardless of prospects using phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, etc. So anyone that provides video animation or cartoon used in these pages must be appropriately trained or they may lose clients.

Parallax Scrolling: This technique is used in computer graphics and web design. Background images move by the camera slower than images in the foreground, creating an illusion of depth and immersion in a two dimensional scene. In case it is not done properly, it can make your website disconcerting. Parallax scrolling makes for a great customer experience, if done cleanly and cleverly.

Social Media Strategy: Social media is such a huge component that can accelerate the ubiquity of a company with each passing day. Therefore, it is essential to add social media buttons to let customers communicate your homepages, fostering online networking. It expands the awareness of the brand among groups of people and adds value to the animation itself because that is what gained the attention in the first place. Using social media to your advantage is seen as a great way to bring further attention to your company in a digital sense. An SEO Firm in London may be able to help you in this process so that you can use social media to your advantage.

Animation has long thought to be limited to films. Animation has a major role in the business world since every business venture is not complete without a website of its own, which is why finding an affordable web host for a new business should be a big priority for building brand awareness. Web design and animation is used in the foundation of any site, often with an explainer video. It can be the deciding factor in the success or failure of the organization. Some models come and go, while others remain in perpetuity. This is the situation with business videos in companies’ web plans. Some authors take after the site decision rule is simple, clean and less confusing to pull in heavy traffic. In addition, others rely on exorbitant use of light and animation. Patterns in the IT industry will continue to evolve the role of explainer videos.

4 reasons how an internet video can help capture new business

Internet Video
The remunerative resource of internet video
1. Online videos, funded by advertising, have a bright future. Many have observed the downward trend of the traditional advertising methodology. Internet advertising, for its part, is booming. The mobile market, alone, is experiencing phenomenal growth.


2. The launch of the flagship platform YouTube video sharing in 2005, social networking and micro-blogging in 2006, smartphones and tablets in 2007 and 2010, came to upset the old hierarchy and amplify these mediums. The internet movement was rooted in the advertising market. This media attracts ever-growing audiences and provides new opportunities for the the consumer and the advertiser. The advent of a new kind of advertising has begun: Targeted and participatory.


3. Customizing the advertising message, the ability to speak directly to an individual depending on its context, their interests, anywhere and anytime, even knowing locations, are the key to the current major maneuvers gradually creating an oligopoly structure in the market for internet advertising. Deemed intrusive by potential customers, online advertising is becoming less and less effective. Customers are trying more and more to block advertisements. Hence the escalation banners become increasingly aggressive on any web page. The marketers try to innovate in the online advertising formats. This is especially true on the world’s largest advertising network, Google and experimenting with new approaches to advertising on YouTube. Furthermore, contacting a digital marketing expert such as Avidon Marketing Group – a Los Angeles SEO agency – can also help you to market your video content to its intended audience.


4. While the display market is boosted by the video advertising formats, good health advertising on the net is largely correlated to the increase in revenues from social networks. For the first time in recent years, Facebook had thus placed more advertising than its competitors Yahoo and Microsoft, according to a report by comScore. The immense popularity of Facebook, with hundreds of millions of members worldwide and the fact that a considerable attraction poll for advertisers of all kinds, make them an advertising powerhouse. However, launched in 2007, targeted Facebook ads advertising offers, including solutions, Insight and Social Ads, and Beacon; generated an outcry among users of the platform. The practice of data-mining while requiring publishers to devise solutions to target customers must be balanced with respecting the users’ right to privacy. The use of video advertising remains an amazing and uncontroversial tool because of its ability and potential to be shared among friends, voluntarily.

What your website may not be doing to engage your users

User engage for Website Design
There are numerous facets to the design and development of a website. From the gathering of initial information, to the creation of your website, the selection of a web hosting provider and finally to furnish and your web site with current information and content on a constant basis. All of these processes are key, but the one that is often overlooked is the web hosting server. If you are a novice when it comes to web hosting, you can click here to find out more about unlimited hosting.


1. Implementation specifications
The intention is the central element in a website creation project. Whether it’s a showcase site, an e-commerce website, a mobile website, a dynamic site, or overhauled website; it benefits the framework to achieve, set deadlines and goals to achieve. It starts with a commercial discussion with the definition and qualification of your products/services. The strategic organizational and technical aspects of the website are followed by: corporate identity, web design, editorial and promotional activities of the future site (Search Engine Optimization, paid research, advertising, email marketing, social media strategy, and web marketing).

2. Digital strategy and web marketing
It is essential to know to whom one speaks! Indeed, although most people would be able to access the website, the definition of marketing offers businesses the opportunity to qualify your audience and adapt your strategy according to the profiles of future customers (buyer personas). It will be essential to reserve a time to identify your target. Qualifying its products/services is also a crucial step. It will offer your business the position to compete, to reveal your advantages and your disadvantages. No market means no clients and no sale. The analysis of your market is a must. You need to find the necessary information, analyze it and utilize it.

3. The objectives of the website
Setting specific goals will help you maintain consistency in your overall communication strategy. You will have to provide answers to questions like: What is the main goal? How do we achieve this? What is the positioning of the site? How do we attract qualified traffic? What images will appear? It is possible that a simple showcase website, even when designed with a content management solution, is not sufficient to produce optimal results. We must therefore think of and write down the expectations that are not traditional. For example, something that you might want to consider is getting the right title tags for your website. It might be a good idea to check out these best practices for title tags, as this is something that most people would probably forget about.

4. Theme of the website
Depending on the products and services offered, you must determine major themes which are found on the website. The organization and prioritization of themes are a way to define a clear editorial line.

5. Keywords by theme
Welcome to pure SEO strategy! The goal of good SEO is a good positioning on search engines. It is vital to take some time to learn how customers could arrive on your website. It will be essential to think about the semantic aspect for each page in order to deduce possible keywords that can be entered by visitors.

6. Writing content
The drafting of the text on your website is the most neglected. Yet editorial content is essential to gain a good visibility on search engines. Indeed, it is on this basis that Google’s crawlers will rely on to establish the coherence of one page compared to another.

7. Graphic design: Web design and web usability
It is essential to communicate the positioning of your company’s website. Often it is vital to remember the basics of your communication strategy. This is the time to express their ideas without a filter. You must succeed in determining what you wants and do not want. A creative brief should be developed for the web designer ergonomists to translate graphically.

8. SEO of website
The technical aspects of site optimization involve writing pages, content architecture (semantic tags) tags invisible to Google, and internal mesh (create contextual links between pages of your site). These steps are critical for a good SEO. Once that occurs, you should seek to popularize your website in the top results of indexing tools from several key expressions previously accepted. If this is something that interests you then you could check out something like to give you a better idea of what SEO can do for you.

9. Monitoring and support of project online
Your website should have regular monitoring to determine the effectiveness of the strategies you employ. Temporal trends or the actions of web marketing should be measured by site traffic and clicks.

Can you explain your business in under 2 minutes?

Explain your business in under 2mins
Many salesmen know the art of the “elevator pitch.” This is a condensed argument in which you present yourself in a short time. Originally, the “elevator pitch” was very fast conversation that allows you to present effectively to a prospect or contact in the time span of an elevator ride.

In communication, it is an exercise that allows you to effectively present what you offer and why you are better than your competitors with a 120 word maximum (From 30 seconds to 2 minutes). Objective? The greatest amount of communication in the shortest time!

Many companies use this very effective and fast communication technique successfully with their customers. Indeed, their very limited time forces them to focus on who they are, their “core business”, central selling proposition, their strengths and what they actually wish to communicate.

A good “elevator pitch” contains all the information without too much wording. You want to answer the following questions:

•What do you want prospects to know?
•What do you want prospects to feel?
•What do you want prospects to do?

This exercise, demonstrates very quickly that any entrepreneur will quickly lose a potential prospect by getting into the weeds of details or unnecessary information. The structure of the “pitch” must be very precise to be effective.

To present your activities, “the elevator pitch” will introduce the best of what you offer when compared to your competition in your business environment or at a public presentation. “Flash” must be balanced with substance in order to achieve impact.

Today, for reasons of efficiency, many companies require technical pitch for their managers and employees to present a project or offer. This allows them to clarify many things. If you also want to test this new approach, you should research professional coaches and view successful companies’ pitch videos online.

How to power social media to lead your marketing campaign

Social Media Marketing
Over the last few years, we have experienced an exponential growth in activity B2B companies via
social media, and this could increase in a manner supported in 2016.
The internet marketing and social media predictions for the B2B sections:
– Content and social media platforms will continue to diversify
– New editorial and visual content will become more practical
– Data analysis will expand for B2B marketing
– Marketing automation will facilitate B2B sales
– Strategies for designing expanded mobile interfaces (mobilization), if you would like to use some tools for marketing then you can use tools for ppc agencies
1. Forms of support and content will continue to diversify.
Indeed, the publication of good content will continue to benefit companies in B2B with their colleagues
and competitors.
The blog post, E-books, video, and storytelling will help foster consistent relationships and retain leads.
These types of publications should respond well to customer expectations in the coming years.
2. New practices in marketing B2B as content becomes more visual.
The practice of storytelling (a story for presenting a product) and interpretation of the data by the
image, involves new skills. Indeed, new merchants and marketers who have mastered the art of
blogging, the e-book, visual content, and video will strengthen their skills with their colleagues. The
small social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram, have increased dissemination of pictures and
video. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have improved their applications to share
more visual content in their own platforms and with the use of the best instagram bot and other types of automation tools, marketing via social media has become more and more popular for businesses.
Thus, the new e-marketing and e-advertising practices are becoming more common, because the art of
storytelling and visual editing makes the promotion of more accessible and attractive offers to users. There are now also more and more companies out there who can help in this era of digital marketing, including NGP Integrated Marketing Communications.
3. Data analysis becomes more important for the participants of B2B
For B2B, you will be better able to analyze the context of the data to progress in social media. It not
only measures numbers, but compiles and collects data to get a better result and customer prospects.
This type of analysis and interpretation of marketing data gives a more comprehensive view of the
target profiles and leads to more effective and specific actions.
For customer data analysis, the novelty comes from the diversification of sources of collection:
customer service, promotional offers returns, posting mini-websites, creative clubs, “partners” fan
pages on social networks, blogs, etc. “The audit of the sources and the cross-referencing of the data is
the first step to consider a relationship strategy.” Thanks to the internet, consumers of all backgrounds
have entered the marketplace to be marked with a “yes” or “no.”
Tracking is becoming widespread. B2B marketers know if loyal customer frequent their site. Are they
subscribed to their newsletters? Do they participate in forums? If so, what are they talking about?
These feelings that brands analyze, allow advertisers to test new methods for modeling the customer
4. Best practices and effectiveness of marketing tools
Sometimes, B2B marketers need to communicate the name of their tools to understand what they do.
Do you know the term “Marketing Automation?”
“These are the automation techniques for triggering and running marketing campaigns. Almost without
human intervention, the mail is particularly suited for automation of marketing actions.”
Automation increases the efficiency of B2B marketing, leverages responses to clients multichannel
campaigns to optimize every interaction, follows more leads and customers, and increases your ability
to handle more business. If you take less time to complete the sale, you will be able to handle more
customers. “Expect to see better use of marketing tools in the coming years. For example, B2B will be
more saturated with the flow of email campaigns, but use more powerful software to automate
repetitive tasks that computers do better than humans.
5. Strategies for mobile interfaces
Since the increase in smartphone sales in recent years, mobilization will continue in and is going to
dominate mobile traffic B2B sites. So for B2B companies, they will stimulate the creation of new
mobile strategies to attract their prospects and customers, for example by developing applications and
sites optimized for reading on the go (mobile-friendly sites).
A new generation of mobile services
E-booking platform, sharing good address, m-couponing, geolocation, ambient applications, et cetera.
Conclusion :
– The content and forms of social media platforms will continue to diversify
– New editorial and visual content becomes more practical
– Use data analysis for B2B marketing
– Marketing automation facilitates the practice for the company B2B
– Strategies for designing mobile interfaces are B2B

Not marketing online correctly can cost your business

Not marketing online correctly can cost your business
Over the previous decade, people have radically transformed the way they use information to make
their purchasing decisions. They unwittingly (or willfully) created barriers to traditional, intrusive
marketing practices called Outbound Marketing (advertising, e-mailing, ads, mass media).
The consumer took power, they are free to search out the information they want on the web and
completely ignore advertisements and ploys by companies.
As such, marketers feel a little lost when creating their campaigns, especially as the Inbound Marketing. Some people get useful insight from companies similar to Ram PPC Company but not all of us are lucky enough to work with people similar to that.
method beginning to be taught in schools and universities the world over. Those who are still teaching
method 4P marketing mix (product, placement, price, promotion), which was designed to operate
before the internet era in mass media, are and will fall behind.
The problem is that it takes more thinking/analyzing marketing campaigns to yield mature prospects.
One of the best examples to illustrate this is the failure of the majority of brands (McDonalds, Target, et
cetera) in their advertising campaigns on social networks.
The Inbound Marketing method solution to this problem is simple. Through the creation and
publication of useful and engaging content that helps consumers in their purchase decision stages,
without specifically emphasizing their product or service, companies can turn consumers into
The creation of informative, SEO optimized content which makes companies “findable” on the search
engines is the basis of Inbound Marketing (pages, articles, e-books, videos). Many other tactics come
into play (Copywriting, Calls to Action, Landing Pages, Lead nurturing, E-mailing, A / B testing, web
analytics, marketing automation, thoughtful Adwords ads …).
Many companies regularly use some or all of these tactics in their campaign of desultory fashion
marketing, which can dilute the overall effectiveness of their internal sales process. The strength of
Inbound Marketing is to identify your “buyer persona” (client type) and to initiate a process that
produces content that meets its problems in the different stages on the “buyer’s journey.” The visitor
becomes a prospect and customer.
The problem with most companies is that they want to sell at any point in the buyer’s journey. However, in order to create results, a relationship is needed between the customer and the business. For example, one way of potentially pulling in more sales could be to look at lead generation, an effective SEO method that focuses on building relationships with new customers to hopefully convert them into paying customers. If you might be interested in looking at one of the agencies dealing with generating leads, you could look into one of the lead generation expert London services to help your business increase its potential sales.

Alternatively, the Inbound Marketing method to create content tailored to each segment of its audience by applying
appropriate methods of Copywriting. These methods will make your strongest content more attractive
and spur action. Following the path you propose to follow, the interested visitor will arrive in a unique
offer of sale on a page of your site dedicated to each offer. This is what is called a “landing page.”
Both lead generation and inbound marketing are effective methods to convert potential prospects into customers, you just need to decide which works best for your company.
The most powerful Inbound Marketing tool used by more than 50% of US companies today to convert
prospects into customers is the blog. The responsive web design blog becomes your online news
magazine, a medium that belongs to you. Your ever-changing content has a permanent web address.
When optimized for natural search and shared in social networks, your content comes to buyers
searching continuously for a solution to their problem. Your product and your online presence
becomes available to them by offering that solution in the form of informative e-books on subjects
germane to the service you provide, webinars, explainer videos, and much more. If you’re interested in using digital marketing for your new business or blog, then you can visit here to find advise on how using video marketing or social media can help with promoting your business.

Does your brand speak to customers and represent who you are?

Does your brand speak to customers and represent who you are?
The right way to higher product knowledge
Brand awareness can be described as the ability of the target audience to know or remember the brand
of the company at the time of selection or immediately prior to the purchase of goods. Knowledge of
goods measured in the percentage of audience share means that the company is familiar with the
product and is able to identify the brand in the product category. Examples of brand awareness can be done through the use of personalized notebooks, balloons and other memorabilia, in order to make a lasting impression. Anything that promotes a company is worth looking into, as this allows your brand to create a presence that can take your business to the level of success that you are reaching for. Even if you look into something as simple as Super Cheap Signs – car magnets, you may realise that thinking out of the box can help you with your business promotional goals. For anyone starting off, spreading the word about your business is very important.

Brand awareness affects the competitiveness of the product and the possibility of long-term growth. In
this article we will consider the basic methods of research, evaluation, and how to increase the brand
awareness of the company.
The term “product knowledge” can be described through several concepts. At first glance, these are
synonymous, but on closer inspection, the differences are striking. Directly, that term is synonymous
with “brand awareness”, which consists of two different terms: recognition and ease of remembering
the brand. This is why so many businesses use badges as you can wear them to represent your company and increase brand awareness.
Brand awareness (brand recognition) – the ability of the consumer to identify and find the brand in
contact with her on certain characteristics and attributes. In other words, this term is responsible for
how quickly and easily a consumer can find the product in appearance, image and design elements.
Easy memorization (brand recall) – the ability of consumers to recall the brand of the company at the
time of particular need.
What type of knowledge is important for a product?
Recognition ability to recall products or brands of the company that a priority? There is no single
answer does not exist, but it can be quite easy to determine. It is enough to understand when and in
what situation the consumer decides to purchase the brand. If the target audience of your product can
decide on buying a brand from a list of available alternatives, the aim of the campaign should be the
recognition of the product. For example, a consumer directly addresses “What to buy?” Examining the
shelves in stores. Or, chooses “what beer to order?” Based on the definition of the list in the menu.
If the target audience decides to purchase at the time of need, far from the place of purchase and can
not see the elements of the brand, the purpose of the campaign is the ability to remember the brand,
itself. For example, at the time when the winter begins, the consumer remembers what brands that are
designed (or marketed) to keep them warm. Or, if the desire is to go out to eat, the customer
remembers the most recognizable culinary institutions.
Ways to build knowledge about the product.
High recognition and memorability of the brand of the company is achieved through the promotion of
goods/services on the market. Promoting the goods/services provides contact with the consumer. The
more targeted contact with the product, the higher the quality of the contact (duration, the right place
and time) – the faster the brand awareness increases. To build the knowledge necessary to use all
available means: direct advertising, BTL (delayed incentives) and trade marketing activities, the quality
of display of goods and, of course, the packaging of the product.
The value of a brand for the company.
Developing a strategy to promote a product to market, it is important to choose what type of brand
awareness is more important for the company’s goods. Companies like Apple, Starbucks, and Google
have built highly recognizable products/services and their success is due, in large part, to their products’ brand awareness.

Are you using Explainer Videos to drive in new business?

Are you using Explainer Videos to drive in new business
Have you ever thought about the man or voice who speaks for your product?
Explainer videos are a great way to tell customers why they should buy what you are selling. It not only
shows your product, but it’s a visually appealing way for your customers to understand why they need your
product/service in their lives!
Unfortunately, there is a common factor that emerges again and again, when businesses try to create an
explainer video. They want to fill in every feature they possibly can, and often lose sight of the fact that
the person who explains the video should be a hook, not a guide. Using a company similar to Explainly could be a good way to get your business’s explainer video pointing in the right direction.
So how do you go about creating amazing sales converting video explainer? Follow these simple tips
and you cannot go wrong …
The script really is the most important bit!
The scenario dictates the whole story for your video from the decision of what the voiceover will say,
the movement, and the action on the screen. The script is the basis for the entire video. You wouldn’t
build a house without a floorplan, would you?
So how can I write the perfect script before starting the explainer video production?
As a business owner, you know your product better than anyone else! But how well do you know your
customers? Before diving into your script, do a little research and find out what they care about. Once
you have interviewed potential clients, you should be able to create a script that speaks directly to them
and gives them what they want. Be sure to find out the problems that they face and to show how your
product/service will solve these problems.
Key Features …
Keeping your scenario short and sweet can be difficult for you to do, but it’s vital to sales conversion.
Your customers will not sit through videos much longer than a minute, no matter how great you think it
is! You have to choose your best selling points. Your market research should be able to determine what
your customers want from the product, so be sure to use it to their advantage. You must think “elevator
Features Benefits V …
Yes, it is important to put the main features in your video, but you should be able to explain how they
will benefit your customers. My advice would be to make the benefits more noticeable as your
audience is much more likely to buy your product if they can see exactly how it will help them. You
may think that your feature explains it, but do not always assume it.
If they want to know more, they call!
You might think that showing every feature in your video is the way to sell your product, but it is not
always the case. In fact, it will just turn people off, so be sure to leave them wanting (asking) more!
The CTA (call to action) at the end of your video is crucial to garner more customers to your website.
Do not think that because you did not mention every feature, they might not want to hear more from
you if you do your research correctly, you’ll know exactly what your audience wants to see and hear.

Don’t under estimate Content Marketing, Use it and be a winner!

Don't under estimate Content Marketing, Use it and be a winner
1. Content marketing is even more important
One of the main ways in which companies garner new visitors and gain their trust is to create valuable
and interesting content. This usually includes relevant information about the activities of the company,
which provide an engaging message for your target audience. Thus, internet marketing allows
companies to build stable relationships with customers and attract a loyal following. According to the
Content Marketing Institute, in the B2B segment of marketing, a successful marketing strategy is the
dissemination of content in social media, articles on websites, email-newsletter, case studies, videos,
and articles on other sites such as the Salesforce website.
When using one or more of these channels, it is possible to create a positive reputation. This consumer-
centric trend suggests that the traditional marketing – TV ads, radio ads, etc. – are becoming less
effective. Instead, focus on internet marketing and generate valuable and interesting content designed
for a specific audience.
2. Social media marketing requires a greater variety
A few years ago, companies were limited in the social networks, they can now realize all of their
marketing strategies using various possibilities of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
and others. While unpopular social media is left with a small attendance, the other – Pinterest, Google+,
Tumblr and Instagram – significantly increased their audiences using a variety of useful options for
normal users and companies.
Internet marketing tools are giving an opportunity for companies to develop their activities and to
experiment with a variety of social media in order to achieve maximum coverage of the target
audience. The presence of various social networks is paying off: the more interaction with the target
audience – the greater the effect.
3. Content using images
As visitors already affected a growing number of online advertising, it becomes more important to
make the content easy to read and understandable. If you look at social networks, which have been
mentioned above, three out of four have a general similarity…they focus on images! The rapid growth
and success Buzzfeed and Pinterest are indicators of potential viral content-based images.
Successful items that get a lot of likes and census consolidated thematic photos and other images,
which are divided by a dry text format. Another example is the infographic – Image with a minimal
amount of text that explains the topic and present statistical information or data from the studies.
Although it is clear that the traditional text will always be the first place in information content to
deliver information, images add a certain liveliness and interactive content.
4. Less is more
Another notable trend is minimalism. When you think of the popular and best brands in the world such
as Apple or Google, noticeable to the naked eye as they appreciate the simplicity and clarity. Many
users feel like they are under fire from advertising – all offers “shout” – “Look at me!” The most
innovative marketers go in the opposite direction – they offer less advertising, less than traditional
marketing campaigns. So one of the trends this year, may be called to simplify the user’s life,
simplifying the way of interest to purchase.
5. User-friendly mobile content
Due to the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, mobile-friendly content is essential for
companies to communicate with mobile phone users. According to, 87% of online
purchases in 2017 will be carried out with tablets and smartphones.
No matter what it is – the creation of an alternative mobile site or responsive web design – is important
in ensuring a positive and delightful experience for users who browse the site via mobile devices.
Otherwise, you can simply lose customers who are accustomed to this trend. As a departure from
traditional PCs and laptops to mobile devices continues, companies that do not follow trends, are likely
to suffer.
6. Rise of video content
Advertising gurus, Ogilvy and Mather, performed a
which explains the advantages of a
multiplatform strategy to video marketing on social media. The slide show details how and where the
views and conversions are generated from. The statistics on the rising revenue generated from
Facebook and YouTube videos alone is staggering. The study indicates that online video is a +$6B and
growing business as of 2015.
7. The increase in efficiency of re-targeting of ads
It is a marketing strategy that has recently gained popularity. In a nutshell: a technology that works by
using browser cookies to track the sites that users visit. As soon as they leave a particular site, products
or services that they viewed, will be shown again in advertisements on other sites the users visit.
The reasons why this method can be so effective are obvious. Only 2% of the conversion of internet
traffic during the first visit of the ad. The ad is meant to re-remind consumers about products or
services that they have already watched. This preserves the brand and product to the consumer memory.
There are even psychological studies that have shown that the simple effect of brand names and logos
creates friendships that build trust, and consumers are more tuned in to the product.
8. SEO and social cues become even more intertwined
Despite the fact that social signals still do not carry the same weight as traditional inbound links, they
will play a role in the normal search rankings. Since the purpose of Google and other search engines is
to provide users with the most relevant content of higher quality, it is advisable that the social signals
may be one of the ranking factors.
The more people who share certain content, the probability of higher quality of content, and therefore
the position should be higher on search engine results pages. It is no coincidence that the top pages of
the search results tend to resonate in social networks, while the less popular pages have a lower
prevalence on social networks.
In addition, the popularity of the article, the product of the company in social networks can serve as a
kind of seal of quality. If you see that article, the product, the company has hundreds of thousands of
likes, comments, and views; there is a high probability that there is something important or useful. This
is the reason why many companies and brands placed on their sites’ social networking plug-in which is
easy to join them and share their information with their friends.
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